Why oil the floors?

The põranda õlitamine is essential to broaden the existence of the floor. An unoiled floor assimilates more soil than an oiled floor and essentially breaks down quicker. Additionally, the well used floor is terrible – there are scratches and scrapes, gouges and monstrous light worn spots.

Floor oil doesn’t frame a layer on a superficial level, yet enters into the wood and safeguards the floor from wear and soiling. An oiled floor requires more cautious upkeep than, for instance, a lacquered floor. Contingent upon the utilization load, the floors require support oiling – when a year in places with a high use load, each a few years in homegrown circumstances.

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Keep in mind: An oiled floor can’t be kept up with oil wax. What’s more, oil-waxed floors with oil!

Endlessly oil wax are such various substances that they can’t be utilized conversely. The floor basically doesn’t acknowledge the new substance. Additionally, oils and oil waxes of various brands may not be “viable” with one another. To that end it is vital to keep up with the floor with a device that has been utilized to keep up with it previously.

Oil wax is a counterfeit substance. Its benefits are a less expensive cost, quicker drying and more straightforward dealing with – it very well may be applied to the floor manually.
Oil is a characteristic substance. Its benefit is a more gorgeous outcome, however its hindrances are the greater cost, longer drying time, more troublesome taking care of and the need to utilize an extraordinary machine.

How frequently to keep up with?

With regards to oiling and oil waxing, we are discussing two unique upkeep schedules. Upkeep oiling is fairly less difficult. To do this, the floor should initially be completely washed and afterward the upkeep specialist applied. Intensive oiling expects earlier sanding of the floor rather than profound washing. That is the distinction. All the other things is something similar.

Homegrown wooden parquet needs upkeep oiling roughly at regular intervals. Assuming the state of the floor is great, even following three years. Alongside crushing, oiling ought to be done each five or six or even seven years. The prepared eye of a genius will see the need right away.

Regardless of whether upkeep oiling is done appropriately, the requirement for full oiling can’t be stayed away from. It should be finished sooner or later. Simultaneously, it is a waste of time to overdo it, in light of the fact that the valuable wood layer of the present parquets is meager to the point that it basically can’t endure continuous sanding.

What’s more, it’s likewise great to know that when you sand the floor, you give it a helpful impact. Subsequent to sanding, you can choose for yourself whether to utilize oil or oil wax for support until the following sanding.

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