Evaluation And Treatment Of Scars

Everybody has scars. A few we can see. Others we feel. What’s more, some are excessively profound to at any point reach. Scarring, whether from medical procedure or the consequence of provocative skin conditions, for example, skin break out, consumes or injury is frequently connected with extensive profound and mental effect. One of my most noteworthy test and rewards come from treating patients with scars. Visit Scar camouflage tattooing for more details.

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A scars are areas of sinewy tissue that supplant typical tissue after skin injury. A scar is a necessary piece of the injury mending process and includes re-epithellialisation, neocollagenasis, neovascularizatin, and color statement. Anyway a delayed provocative period of about a month or seriously during wound mending might prompt unusual scarring.

Scars are characterized by both variety and surface.

Grouping by variety.

Red Scars.
these are by and large because of the presence of expanded veins in the dermis in light of injury. The widened veins give oxygen and supplements to the skin to recuperate from the injury.

Earthy colored Scars.
Earthy colored scars are because of the testimony of Melanin and hemosiderin from the red platelets where the skin is harmed. Brown complexion people are more inclined to foster earthy colored scars and post incendiary hyper pigmentation as their skin mends from injury.

White Scars.
These are expected t the shortfall of melanin as the irritation may somewhat obliterate the melanin in the melanocytes.

Grouping by Surface.

Raised Scars.
These are the aftereffect of Inordinate collagen affidavit and fibrosis at the site of injury. These might be hyper jungle or keloid. Hypertropic scars are raised yet don’t stretch out past the edges of the harmed skin. Keloid scars are raised and consistently reach out past the edges of the harmed skin. Hazier skin types are all the more hereditarily helpless to the development of hypertropic and keloid scars.

Discouraged scars.
These can be ice pick, boxed or rolled.
Ice pick scars are under 2 mm, shallow and at intense points to the base.
Boxed scars are bigger, multiple mm and at right points to the base.
Moved scars have rolled and non calculated borders, are huge and frequently the consequence of a profound skin break out growth or knob that has involuted.

This relies on a few elements.

Current reasoning is to treat scars sooner than later. Hypertropic scars require a month to shape and may increment in size for 3-6 months.

Area on the sternum, chest, shoulders and back are more inclined to keloid.


Type Keloid, hypertropic or Atropic

Patient qualities. skin type, comorbid ailments.

Treatment of RED SCAR.
Vasoconstrictors, for example, oxymetazoline, epinephrine can be utilized to choke veins, diminishing scar redness. Silicone gels. eg Kelokote, have been displayed to diminish the scar redness, whenever applied two times every day for a long time

BBL or wide band light and PDL or beat color laser are non ablative lasers to treat the vascular part of the scar.

Treatment of Earthy colored SCARS
Easing up specialists, for example, HQ, Azelaic and Kojic corrosive hinder tyrosinase consequently forestalling the change of dopa to melanin.

Effective Retinoids.
Tretinoin or Tazarac diminish earthy colored pigmentation by repressing tyrosinase and development of melanin. Aftereffects incorporate redness, bothering, consuming, tingling, , contact dermatitis, dryness and scaling.

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